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Your child can sleep well.

If you feel like you have been in a cycle of rocking, bouncing, swaying, or just simply having to camp out in your child's room, waiting for the perfect time to army crawl your way back into chartered territory, listen up.

What if I told you, your child can learn to sleep independently and do it well, meaning you can put your child down for bedtime and they will fall asleep within 5-10 minutes and you likely won't hear from them until 7 AM the next morning. Yes, it's really possible!!

The Basics Package

This package includes a plan and set check-in support with a sleep coach, perfect for the DIY parent who can take the information and implement it with minimal support.


The Essentials Package

This package includes a plan and limited support to get you started, perfect for the parent who needs a little more support during the first initial week of making changes. 

The Deluxe Package

This package includes a plan and even more support, perfect for the parent who needs extra support during the first initial 2 weeks of training plus post-training support.

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Learn to thrive during the 4th trimester and build a healthy sleep foundation from day one. From week one to week sixteen of your newborn's life, this guide is packed with all the right information you need to know to feel confident through the 4th trimester.

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"Our son really struggled with sleeping and staying in his bed when we transitioned him to a toddler bed. Kaylee helped us implement a plan that helped him gain the confidence and comfort to sleep through the night in his own bed. He now wakes up and is so proud of himself, often saying: "I slept the whole night!"
"“Kaylee is knowledgeable and quick to respond. As a sleep-deprived mom of two, I was unable to come up with a solid plan to get my baby sleeping through the night- but Kaylee did that for me. Plus, she gave me daily reminders of the plan for each night so I didn’t have to think about it! She made this process as easy as it could be."
"When I connected with Kaylee, my twins would only nurse to sleep, had inconsistent naps, and would wake frequently through the night. Kaylee helped me find a sleep schedule that worked with my crazy daily routine. She was always available when I had questions or needed support. The twins now fall asleep independently and sleep through the night! She really went above and beyond what we expected!"


I'm Kaylee!

mom of two & lover of all things sleep

I am a small-town mom from mid-west Missouri. I am a proud graduate of The Cradle Coach Academy! This means I'm the real deal when it comes to professional pediatric sleep consulting, having completed over 200+ hours of in-depth education and training, over 50 hours of working with real families prior to earning my certification in Pediatric Sleep Consulting. and most importantly I complete continued education courses yearly to ensure I give families the most recent up-to-date information.

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Need to spruce up your child's bedtime routine or maybe you have a newborn around 8 weeks old when a bedtime routine is vital for sleep?