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4 Baby Sleep Must-Haves

Feb 23, 2023

When it comes to baby sleep must haves you do not need a Snoo bassinet or expensive swaddles. Sure, those things may be nice, but let’s be real…save that $$ for Starbucks and let’s talk about the 4 items you REALLY need on your baby registry that I whole heartedly believe are true baby sleep must haves!

Baby Sleep Must Have #1: White Noise Machine

During your pregnancy, your baby is listening to all sorts of sounds like your heart beating, food digesting, blood flowing throughout your body, and even the sound of your voice! It is fairly noisy womb-side, so your baby may settle much easier with white noise. My favorite is the Yogasleep Dream Center white noise machine! –> https://yogasleep.com/collections/baby-sound-machines/products/dreamcenter#

Baby Sleep Must Have #2: Blackout Curtains

Around 8 weeks old, your newborn will begin producing their own natural sleep hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is produced around the same time each day in response to darkness when the sun goes down and we eventually wind down for bedtime. When our eyes experience darkness and we begin winding down for the day, this cues our brain to start releasing melatonin. The opposite occurs when light hits our eyes, sending a signal to the brain to stop releasing melatonin and you will be surprised to know, it takes the smallest sliver of light to cause a sleeping baby to wake up! This is why blackout curtains are an absolute baby sleep must have, to create a completely dark room so they can fall asleep easily and stay asleep. My favorite brand is Sleepout, they are the blackout curtain that REALLY works! Use code MAMAC10 for 10% your Sleepout purchase –> https://sleepoutcurtains.com/

Baby Sleep Must Have #3: Halo Velcro SleepSack Swaddle

At first your baby is not going to know what to do with their arms and legs that are so snuggly curled up in your belly (until they start kicking at least). Swaddling can help muffle the wild flailing you might notice when you go to put your baby down in their bassinet. This is referred to as the moro reflex. You definitely don’t need to buy any fancy branded swaddle and especially avoid any weighted swaddles as they are ironically unsafe for sleep, regardless of how they are marketed. When we brought Callum home from the hospital, we were given a Halo SleepSack Swaddle. Out of the 3 other swaddles I had, Callum and I loved the Halo the best! It was so simple to use and easy to clean. I will always recommend the Halo SleepSack as one of my top baby sleep must have items! –> https://www.halosleep.com/shop/sleepsack-swaddle

Baby Sleep Must Have #4: The Magic Merlin Sleep Suit

I cannot say enough good things about this baby sleep must have. The Magic Merlin Sleep Suit is a GAME CHANGER! It is a transitional sleepwear product that comes in handy when your baby is ready to transition out of traditional swaddling methods, but that pesky moro reflex still lingers and wakes your baby up every hour it seems. We used the Magic Sleep Suit when Callum transitioned out of the Halo SleepSack Swaddle and it saved my sanity. At first we had attempted the ‘one arm out, both arms out’ method to transition out of swaddling and it was ROUGH. Thankfully, I discovered Magic Merlin and that first night, Callum slept through the night for the first time in several weeks! You can use code mamac15 to get 15% off your Magic Merlin purchase –> https://www.magicsleepsuit.com/

DM me on Instagram and tell me what your favorite baby sleep must have is and don’t forget to join us every Sunday for our free Baby and Toddler Sleep Q&A on stories where I answer your need-to-know sleep questions!

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